Caribbean Real Estate – Purchase Your Home in Paradise

For those people who always think of purchasing their home in paradise the only option is Caribbean real estate. Whether you are thinking of buying your main place of residence, investment property, or vacation home, all real estate purchase is an important decision. Owning your own property is not just about the feeling of pride and security that goes with a home but it also points the way to financial growth on several fronts. Buying Caribbean real estate is subject to the laws of the place in the Caribbean where the property is located as each nation has its own laws to cater to the different types of ownership rights available there.

Several Caribbean real estate developments come with specific laws governing the transferable rights to foreign investors. This can prove to be quite a chore and hence it is recommended that all buyers interested in Caribbean real estate hire a competent real estate attorney in order to make sure that everything is understood and is done in conformity to all legal requirements.

One of the important aspects related to Caribbean real estate is transferring funds safely. As you should be aware, most real estate transactions involve huge sums of money that are often paid in monthly installments. It is only natural for most sellers to ask for significant deposits in order to assure themselves of the ability of the buyer to pay the rest without any problems. Similarly, it is in the interest of all buyers to not only deposit as small an amount as possible but also to deposit all money to a trusted third party rather than an unknown seller. This third party is known as an escrow agent that holds funds on behalf of the buyer and disburses them to the seller once all the contractual terms have been endorsed and met by both parties.

Buying Caribbean real estate is a dream come true for many individuals but there are some risks that you should know about so that you can approach the whole matter prudently. Here are some tips to get you started.

o Make sure the seller has legal ownership of the property you intend to buy.

o Hire a real estate attorney to check the ownership background of the property.

o Have your attorney check the purchase/sell agreement and all the terms and conditions therein.

o Use an escrow agent for the exchange of all funds.

o Seek active help of your attorney to make sure you have all the documentation done right.

o After the purchase, make sure to get the transfer of ownership recorded with the responsible authorities in the location of purchase.