Where to Look for (Possibly the Last) Great Caribbean Real Estate Bargains!

For those looking for their ideal piece of real estate heaven in the sun – it seems too
much to expect to find many bargains in the Caribbean – unless your pockets are
pretty deep! But there is still one place where prices are not yet ‘silly’, and where
potential gains in investment property values look set to be more than ‘just attractive’
over the next half-decade or so. Here are some good reasons why this is the case…

Well, for starters, there are still many folks around who do not realize that this place is
even in the Caribbean. Often, when it comes up in conversation people will still admit
they don’t know where it is! Yet it is the second largest Caribbean country after Cuba.

The country was held in a vice-like grip of dictatorship for many years – only
gradually weaning away from dictatorial politics gradually through the 1970′s and
80′s. Indeed it was not until the 1990′s that some of the serious tourism potential of this
place really began to be realized. But when the lid-began to lift off the Caribbean’s best
kept secret, early pioneers of the tourist market made some pretty ‘na├»ve’ blunders, too.

During the first wave of ‘tourism success’ this potentially ‘golden-investment- goose’ was
almost killed by an early form of ‘bird flu’ in the form of cheap ‘all-inclusive deals’,
hosted in rapidly built hotels with dubious standards of accommodation and food, often with a
dose of ‘holiday tummy’ thrown in for free! Soon, the promised torrent of tourists began
to dry to a trickle.

Sadly even at the turn of the century an inept Government came to power and virtually
bankrupted the country. This led to rampant devaluation of the local currency. Exploitative
opportunists looking to make a fast buck from impoverished locals began to make-hay.
This included the emergence of a sleazy and degenerate ‘sex industry’ that further damaged
the country’s nascent reputation as a holiday ‘hot-spot’.

Thankfully, though, a strong hand came back to the ‘economic’ tiller in the last few years.
This has resulted in the complete transformation of this Caribbean gem from besmirched
beauty, to glittering princess.

Established resorts have been re-born as family friendly places where typical tourists can be sure
of a warm welcome. Brilliant new resorts of world-class stature have emerged. Crime rates
are amongst the lowest in the Caribbean and the locals are widely acknowledged as being
some of the friendliest people in the World!

Over the last half decade shrewd investors who began to recognize the particular attributes
of this naturally blessed country began to lay claim to their own piece of this heavenly Isle!
This land offers a unique range of attractions as diverse as – Amazon-like forests and tropical beaches; impressive alpine-style mountains plus vibrant historic cities; translucent waterfalls,
calm shallow bays yet also supreme water sport opportunities. It is also abundant with nature’s wonderful rarities like amber and larimar, and spectacles like the annual gathering of 10,000
whales and dolphins!

It is no wonder that with there now being a firm hand on the political reins, many
international companies have been taking the plunge into this Land’s warm
investment waters by building some of the finest real estate opportunities in the
Caribbean along some of the country’s 350 tantalizing tropical beaches!

In the shape of superb leisure and vacation complexes, often offering World class golf
courses, the Caribbean real estate investors of this new millennium have shrugged of
the false start of the 1990′s. Now there are superb and eco-sympathetic developments
set in tropical greenery a stones throw from almost deserted beaches, lapped by the
Caribbean Sea, or maybe the Atlantic Ocean!

Now is the time for those with a ‘yen’ (or a dollar, euro or pound – come to that) to
invest in a vacation dream villa – to consider seriously this ‘precious gem’ of a
country. For it may offer the last ‘bargain priced’ real estate opportunities in the
Caribbean. But if you are wondering why such a rosy outlook is predicted for future
property values then consider this…

There is currently a program of millions of dollars being undertaken to refresh and
renew existing, as well create brand new, travel infrastructure across the country. This
means that some of the finest parts of the Island, hitherto hard to reach and difficult to
develop, are finally becoming genuinely accessible for the FIRST TIME.

With property value increments already in the region of 20% per year – now is THE
time, if ever there was one, to venture into the Caribbean real estate market! You
could invest in a vacation apartment, or buy a beautiful detached villa in a high-class a
gated-community, or maybe an alpine lodge in a wonderful mountain town would
appeal? Whatever your preference the opportunities are there for the taking, and now
is the time to ‘do it’…if you do not want to be one of those saying “IF ONLY?”, yet
again, in a year or two’s time!

But, I hear you yelling, “Where is it that you are talking about?!” Why, the
Dominican Republic of course…still an almost undiscovered gem, and possibly the
last real opportunity to get into true Caribbean real estate investment, at the ‘just the
right time’!