Caribbean Real Estate It Has To Be Tobago

Tobago is everything you want the Caribbean to be and a great place to buy real estate to live , to retire to use as a vacation home. But why is Tobago the perfect choice for Caribbean property hunters.

Trinidad and Tobago is the birthplace of calypso music, as well as the development of the steel pan. The diverse cultural and religious background allows for many festivities and ceremonies throughout the year.

Trinidad and Tobago is one of the most prosperous island nations in the Caribbean, primarily due to its offshore petroleum and natural gas production and processing. Trinidad has beaches and nature reserves plus a very busy capital .Trinidadian’s are a melting pot of races all of whom attend the worlds famous Trinidad carnival. The capital Port of Spain is hot and busy, whilst the breezes of its famous Maracus beach are sure to cool. Tourism centers around Tobago which boasts some of the most pristine beaches in the world. With beaches with names such as Pigeon point,store bay and rain forests that attract environmentalists these island are a place of colour and variety.

Tobago real estate

The Caribbean is a desirable location to own a property and for many it would be a dream come true. Tobago has lots of great reasons why it is good place to buy Caribbean real estate.

Tobago has good airport services with major airlines that fly direct to the Caribbean Island. Tobago a former British colony is English speaking and the roads are based on the English drive on the left system. Tobago has not been over run with tourists and still tends to be a place of relaxation than wild night outs. It still keeps its Caribbean charm. Good all year temperatures and beaches that are empty when you want to see your foot prints in the sand and no one elses .

The Tobago Rain Forest reserves are the oldest forest reserve in the Caribbean and provides excellent bird watching, plus several hiking tracks. Authorised guides at the trailhead offer two-hour hikes through the forest to the Main Ridge lookout hut, where you’ll enjoy sweeping views of Bloody Bay

Combine together superior diving and a rain forest where you can find birds of Paradise and you have the ideal Caribbean island, this island is Tobago

Overseas buyers from Germany Sweden Canada UK and US are now realising that Tobago is too good to be true and real estate prices have been rising steadily.